Terms and conditions of business (Contract between owner and holidaymaker)

1 Bookings

Your booking will be effective after we have received your deposit (usually 25% of the total price) and confirmed by us in writing. The balance, together with a “Damages Deposit” of £600 (£700-£1000 if for stag/hen groups or large parties), must be received by us not later than 60 days (90 days for large parties) before the beginning of your holiday. In the event of cancellation, subject to condition 6, you will be liable for the whole quoted price for the period booked. We strongly suggest you take out holiday/cancellation insurance.

2 Occupying the Property

The Shippon is available for occupation from 3pm on the first day of your holiday and must be vacated by 10am on the last day. All members of your party must be named on the booking form and must not exceed 20. You must have prior consent from the owners if you wish to exceed 20 and please be aware there may be a charge of £25 per person, per night (at owners discretion). For insurance purposes they must be named on the booking form (see condition 6)

3 Damages (Cautionary) Deposit

You must keep the Shippon clean and in good order and leave it as you found it. You will be responsible for any breakages or damage and they should be reported to the owner a soon as possible. The owner shall be entitled to deduct from the Damages Deposit the cost of remedying any breach of these obligations (including extra cleaning costs incurred due to the house not being left as found at the beginning of your stay, these will be charged at £25 per hour) together with the cost of any service or goods provided. The amount of the Damages Deposit is £600 (£700 – £1000 for stag/hen parties and other occasions at owners discretion) and this will be refunded to you 7 days after your time in the Shippon.

4 Difficulties and Maintenance

If you have any difficulties with the Shippon, require maintenance or have any complaints, you should notify the owner as soon as possible. Contact telephone numbers are on the notice board in the Shippon.

5 Cancellation

If you are unable to occupy the Shippon you should inform the owners of your wish to cancel the booking. Our cancellation terms may offer a full refund of any money you have paid provided the reasons for you cancelling are covered by our cancellation terms (see condition 6). Cancellation up to 3 months before the start of your booking will incur a 50% charge and within 3 months will result the full charge. If the owners are able to rebook the week, we will refund the full amount minus an administration charge of 20%.

6 Cancellation Terms

For the purposes of this clause 6, the following words have the following meanings:

“you/your” means the person to whom the booking confirmation is addressed and each person named on that booking confirmation;

“relative” means any person closely connected to you by blood, marriage or civil partnership and includes a partner with whom you are living at the same address.

In the event of cancellation we will reimburse you in respect of all monies paid for the Shippon provided the booking is cancelled as a direct consequence of any of the following events occurring between the date on your holiday confirmation and 10 am on the last day of your holiday. The event must necessarily and unavoidably prevent you from fulfilling your booking.

Death, serious personal injury, serious sickness, hijacking or kidnap of you or a close relative with whom you intend to travel.

You or a guest must do jury service and has had a written request for an alternative date refused.

You or a guest has to act as a witness in court.

The Police requesting your presence following a burglary or fire at home or work.

Your home being made uninhabitable within 14 days of your holiday.

You being made redundant (provided that such redundancy qualifies for payment under the United Kingdom’s Redundancy Payments Acts).

Cancellation of normal transport services due to riot or civil disorder.

If you are a member of the armed forces or emergency services, the cancellation of previously agreed leave.

Government restrictions which prevent access to the Shippon.

Claims related to pregnancies known about at the time of booking are excluded. If a pregnancy is confirmed after booking your holiday we will cancel the booking as long as the reason for cancelling is included in the events above. We will not reimburse cancellations due to a disinclination to travel.

Reasons for cancellation must be given in writing and where relevant a medical certificate provided. In the event of curtailment, reasons must be given for curtailment supported by a medical certificate, if due to medical reasons, confirming that curtailment of the holiday was necessary. Certificates, information and evidence to support a cancellation shall be provided by you at your expense.

The owner may cancel bookings made if the property becomes unavailable for reasons beyond the owner’s reasonable control, including without limitation: flooding; fire; significant damage to the property; failure of utility services to the property,or a decision by the owner to cease letting the property. In this eventuality the owner will refund to you any sums you have paid. The owner shall not have any other liability to you.

7 Our Liability to You

The owner will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or any member of your party or to your or their property, except where such loss or damage is due to our negligence. If we are negligent our liability to you will be limited to the loss or damage which was a foreseeable result of such negligence. Except in the case of death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, our total liability to you in respect of any breach of these Terms of Business or tort or other act or omission by us in connection with this contract shall be limited in aggregate to the price agreed to be paid by you for the right to use the property for the period agreed.

8 Pets

Pets must be disclosed at the time of booking and will incur a charge of £20 per pet per stay (maximum of 2 pets per stay). This charge applies to pets that may visit for any part of the stay. With the exception of guide dogs, pets are not allowed upstairs, in bedrooms or on the furniture or any carpeted area of the Shippon. You must ensure that no damage (including dirt that requires extra cleaning) is caused by them to the Shippon and that they cause no disturbance within the surrounding area. Pets must be supervised and under control at all times and their access to areas beyond the boundaries of the Shippon must be prevented by you. You must always clear up after your pets and you must remove all trace (inside and in the garden) of your pets having been present before you leave the Shippon. If you do not, the owner reserves the right to retain your full Damages Deposit and you will incur extra cleaning charges at £25/hr. Please never allow your animals to be in the outside areas unattended.

9 Music and other party extras

Please ensure that all music and noise that might be part of a celebration stops at 12am (midnight) without exception.

No fireworks or “lanterns in the sky” please – these frighten both ours and our neighbours animals, and are also a fire risk to the local countryside and the forest.

10 Guest numbers

Numbers staying in the Shippon must not exceed 20 unless otherwise agreed by the owners in writing. There will be a charge of up to £25 per person per night for extra people staying, subject to agreement in writing.

11 Facilities and guests

Please note that the swimming pool and hot tubs are only for use by the guests resident in the Shippon for the duration of the booking (max. 20 people). Please note that the hot tubs are only designed to accommodate 4/5 people each at a time, over use will result in their failure and closure for the duration of your stay.

12 Electricity

All new bookings from January 2017 will NOT include electricity in the price. All guests making bookings made after this time will be charged for the electricity that they consume during their stay.

The price quoted will include this discount. This decision has been made as part of a wider sustainability policy for the house. Electricity will be charged per unit used during your stay, based on meters readings and payable before departure. Unit price is £0.15 for normal, £0.07 for economy, £0.10 for solar tariff.

12 Bed linen

We provide you with beautiful linen from Beaumont & Brown in order to ensure your comfort during your stay in the Shippon. Please inform us of any stains on bed linen or towels before you depart. Any stains that the laundry is unable to remove will incur a replacement charge. These will be deducted from the guests damages deposit. All bed linen will be checked upon departure and you will be informed within one week should any stains be found. Please note that the process may take up to 10 days from your departure to run through the full stain removal process. If after this time the stains still remain replacement charges are as follows:

Oxford pillow case – £7.50

·         Standard pillow case – £5.50

·         Super fitted sheet – £35.00

·         Single fitted sheet – £18.00

·         Double fitted sheet – £25.00

·         Super duvet cover – £75.00

·         Single duvet cover – £28.00

·         Double duvet cover – £43.00

.         Small hand towel – £8.00

.         Large towel – £15.00